Sometimes when I’m real upset, they tie me down like a balloon so I don’t float away.
Anonymous: Hello there, I was wondering if you still took requests for certain celeb sims? And if you did if you could make one based on Tyler Hoechlin? I see you've made a Dylan, and honestly I've just been dying for Sterek sims that are downloadable. :3

yeah he’s on the list. i’ve just been super busy but i’m going to be making quiet a bit thursday and friday on my days off. :)


N7 off Duty 
Introducing the Simblr Index!



Simblr Index

Since there currently isn’t an active directory of simblrs, I have decided to start the project of making one. I’m considering it a beta right now, so I’m open to any and all suggestions. Additionally, message the tumblr your simblr name if you want to be included! I’m planning on…

I’d be glad to help, if you need it. :)

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i’m working on a lot of stuff. i’ll post it all once it’s all finished. a big pack.

mostly asscreed stuff and just a few frozen dresses. uwu

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Needing Maternity Wear? Visit Sims 3 EA Maternity CC Finds


Very comprehensive list of maternity wear created or enabled. :)

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coming soon. uwu

Mari 1 tile wall deco set by lpvinyl21   - Sims 3 Downloads CC Caboodle


It had been a while since I wanted to do it.
Decided to convert the blouse tied at the waist of the Aikea Guinea for female.
I quite liked the result. 
Credits for the male version (and the mesh) : Aikea Guinea
> Download female version <
Sorry for the horrible preview.
I’m sorry my terrible english